New Energy Technologies developing spray-on, see-through solar energy cells

Researchers with New Energy Technologies have developed more efficient, more transparent and easier to produce versions of their see-through solar cells.

This latest development enables fabrication of large-scale mini-module SolarWindow devices, which is important for commercial deployment of this technology, which can turn glass windows into sources of renewable solar energy.

Generating electricity on glass windows is possible when New Energy researchers spray ultra-small, see-through solar cells on to glass surfaces. These spray-on techniques have been advanced in operating prototypes by scientists who initiated early research efforts with New Energy Technologies under a sponsored research agreement at the University of South Florida (USF).

The company’s SolarWindow technology has since progressed beyond early research, and is now in advanced product development.

New Energy Technologies is also researching MotionPower, an advanced roadway system that generates electricity by capturing the kinetic energy of moving vehicles.

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