New Mexico utility adds electric vehicles to fleet

Photo: Business Wire

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico’s largest electric provider received a few more electric vehicles this week and reiterated its commitment Wednesday to building its fleet over the coming years.

Public Service Co. of New Mexico announced that it now has 38 electric vehicles with three more on order. Spokeswoman Shannon Jackson said the utility would have more but supply issues with vehicle manufacturers have been a limiting factor.

About 8% of PNM’s fleet is now electric, and the utility has plans to grow that by 5% each year. The current goal is a minimum 10% of all new units to be electric for 2022 and at least half the fleet to be electric by 2030.

Nearly three dozen PNM vehicles are being wrapped with clean energy messages and images of solar panels and wind turbines. The utility said the new look is aimed at demonstrating PNM’s vision for a carbon-free future by 2040.

Under New Mexico’s Energy Transition Act, investor-owned utilities like PNM have until 2045 to be 100% carbon-free. Electric cooperatives have five years more to meet the state mandate.

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PNM also recently joined the National Electric Highway Coalition, which plans to build fast-charging ports along major U.S. travel corridors.

The utility currently has 34 charging stations installed to charge its electric vehicle fleet on PNM property throughout the state. Overall, New Mexico has 167 public charging stations with nearly 400 charge ports, PNM said.

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