New York governor calls for 25 percent renewables goal

Jan. 9, 2003 — New York Governor George E. Pataki on Wednesday opened the 2003 Legislative Session with his ninth State of the State address, voicing an ambitious 25 percent renewables goal.

The Governor expressed confidence that New Yorkers together can combat terrorism and enhance public security, revitalize the State’s economy to create jobs and restore the State to fiscal health in the wake of the terrorist attacks and the national economic downturn.

To help make New York a national leader in renewable energy usage, the Governor announced that the Public Service Commission will implement a Renewable Portfolio Standard. The program will guarantee that within the next ten years at least 25 percent of the electricity bought in New York will come from renewable energy resources like solar or wind power.

The Governor also called for reform and refinancing of the State’s Superfund program and for the adoption of new carbon dioxide emission standards for motor vehicles, which will further reduce “greenhouse” gases.

The Governor urged the Legislature to adhere to the proven policies and principles that have produced tremendous successes for New York, while calling for sweeping reforms, including an overhaul of the State’s education bureaucracy, comprehensive campaign finance reform, an initiative and referendum proposal, and criminal justice reforms, including Rockefeller Drug Law reforms.

“This generation of New Yorkers has already given us every right to believe that ours is a future rich with hope and promise. We have already demonstrated our strength, our character and our courage in defiance of those who would rob us of our freedom. Now we must rally that same spirit against a crisis that threatens our prosperity.”

The Governor also indicated that in the weeks ahead the State, in conjunction with New York City and all other partners, will develop a single plan for the WTC site and its surroundings.

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