Nissan to offer SRP customers $3,000 incentive on electric vehicle

Salt River Project has once again arranged for Nissan North America to offer SRP customers the opportunity to purchase a 2018 Nissan LEAF from a participating Maricopa County dealership at a discounted rate.

Through a group-purchase program, Nissan will provide a $3,000 instant rebate off MSRP to eligible SRP customers who purchase the all-electric 2018 LEAF with the added potential for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

“We worked with Nissan on a special incentive last year that resulted in record sales of the LEAF in the Valley, and we are excited to work with them once again. This deal offers even more customers and employees the opportunity to invest in an electric vehicle that will save them money while helping the environment,” said Kelly Barr, SRP senior director of environmental management and chief sustainability and compliance executive.

Nissan’s new electric vehicle model offers a greater range of about 150 miles.

Cars and other modes of transportation on roads are major contributors to air pollution in the Valley, according to the EPA.

“SRP is helping our customers make the switch to electric vehicles to help them save money, improve air quality and drive innovation.  Fully electric vehicles can also access the HOV lane,” Barr said.

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