Omnetric partners with Red Hat to offer open source solutions to utilities

As utilities strive to gain an integrated view of their systems and data, many work to bring together operational technologies — such as distribution management and real-time grid operations — with IT systems supporting smart metering, energy consumption and work and asset management.

The Omnetric Group-Red Hat partnership offers utilities one provider for specialist information/operations technology (IT/OT) integration expertise, open source tools and capabilities, and smart grid technology from Siemens. This combination can enable utilities to transform their processes with less risk and advance their smart grid integration journey.

The partnership sees Omnetric Group developing its solution roadmap with Red Hat technology and open source-based integration solutions for the energy sector. Omnetric Group and Red Hat have already collaborated successfully on several products and projects in Europe and North America and this solution is the next step in strengthening their relationship.

One example of previous collaboration is their work for a grid company developing a more secure middleware solution that connects multiple external interfaces to the company’s main control system. The solution, developed by Omnetric Group using Red Hat’s open source software, is designed to enable the grid company to transition to a smarter, more digital grid while maintaining full, more secure control of communication and upholding its focus on delivering grid services to end customers.

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