Omnetric, Siemens partners with Rotterdam on distributed energy

Omnetric Group and Siemens formed a partnership with the city of Rotterdam, Stedin and Lyv Smart Living, which will see them implement a distributed energy management system across the city starting in the Merwe-Vierhavens area.

The solution will enable the city to more flexibly manage energy demand and generation across the district, helping it achieve its aim of being a completely energy neutral city by 2050.

The implementation, which is scheduled to begin in June 2017, is thought to be the largest project of its kind in Europe. The city aims to have 20,000 connections (smart homes, businesses, industry, renewable production, etc.) within its city limits connected to the energy sharing system in the next three years.

The Siemens-Omnetric Group solution will balance electricity consumption and generation, helping to manage peaks in power usage and reduce congestion on the electricity grid. Increased control across the grid — as an example, Stedin, the DSO, will leverage demand response capabilities — will also allow for more renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, to be used to generate power.

The solution also comprises a virtual power plant which will enable Lyv Smart Living to act as an intermediary between the distributed energy resources on the system and the wholesale market. The solution will ultimately enable an efficient and self-sufficient local energy market.

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