Online courses offer green jobs training for the renewable energy industry

Cotati, Calif., December 16, 2009 — Sun Pirate, a California-based solar contractor, is offering two online courses this winter to help meet demand for certified solar energy professionals.

The courses — Fundamentals of Solar Hot Water Heating, and Photovoltaic System Design and Installation — will concentrate on the basics of installing code-compliant solar energy systems.

Course material will cover practical design criteria, installation guidelines, safety issues, maintenance and legal considerations of solar hot water heating systems and/or photovoltaic power systems.

The courses are designed for all levels of professionals. They are ideal for veterans preparing to take the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certification exam.

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The courses will aid current practitioners who simply want to brush up on their skills and knowledge. They also are tailored for those who plan to be employed in the field and want to gain the initial fundamentals for an entry-level job.

Sun Pirate Online Training courses are developed in accordance with Interstate Renewable Energy Council/IPSQ Standard 01021. Sun Pirate is an accredited continuing education provider through Interstate Renewable Energy Counsel.

Sun Pirate’s courses count for part of the NABCEP requirements to sit for the Photovoltaic Exam and count for continuing education credits to maintain professional certifications.

Sun Pirate is primarily a solar contractor specializing in solar pool heating, solar water heating and solar electric power systems. Sun Pirate has installed, serviced and upgraded solar energy systems since 1981.


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