“There’s going to be a lot of excitement around batteries in the next five years. And I would say that the country will get blanketed with projects.” —Duke Energy business development manager Spencer Hanes, at Solar Power Midwest in Chicago

“The thinking of the past, which was to invest in the grid only when demand increases, will not work in the years to come. We must invest now. Most of the new technology hangs off the grid”needs the grid”.making the grid one of the most valuable pieces of infrastructure in society.” —Fortis CEO Barry Perry, talking to Detroit Economic Club

“A greener grid would do nothing to minimize suffering after the next hurricane. What Puerto Rico and others need is a harder grid so that far fewer people are blasted back to the 19th century when disaster strikes and service can be restored faster after a blackout.” —Op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by Mark P. Mills, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and Northwestern University faculty member

“The past administration was using every bit of power and authority to use the EPA to pick winners and losers and how we generate electricity in this country. That’s wrong.” —EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, on repealing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

“The Tennessee Valley Authority has signed contracts to import wind from nine wind farms totaling 1,542 MW of capacity. The wind contracts include facilities located in Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas.” —ScottMadden and Southeastern Wind Coalition: “Understanding Wind Energy Potential in the Southeast”

“Seventy-seven percent of utility executives in North America fear there is a significant or at least moderate likelihood that a distribution company will suffer a cyberattack, resulting in an interruption to the electricity supply in the next five years. Sixty-six percent in Asia Pacific and 63 percent globally agree.” —Accenture Consulting: “Outsmarting Grid Security Threats”

“Did you know? One #microgrid can provide up to 5,000 people with energy! #energyfact” —@Siemens_Energy

“Tesla Semi unveil now Nov 16. Diverting resources to fix Model 3 bottlenecks & increase battery production for Puerto Rico & other affected areas.” —elonmusk

“@Siemens Helmuth Luddig tells #YII2017 audience 67 percent of energy decentralized by 2030-stressing power grids”@BentleySystems”—@HansenTeresa1

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