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“Energy storage represents an important next frontier.” -Exelon CEO Chris Crane, on why his company and Albemarle Corp. partnered to create Volta Energy Technologies, focused on large-scale battery investments

“How else do you think I got these bags under my eyes?” -Electricity crew worker in Puerto Rico, talking about exhausting grid restoration efforts (source: global news agency AFP)

“One of the particular challenges that affects this industry and many others is the demand for skilled labor.” -Blake Moret, CEO of Rockwell Automation, during the POWER-GEN International keynote at Las Vegas

“Eventually, energy in terms of megawatt hours (MWh) will also be a thing of the past. We will instead talk about what the MWh enable vs. their literal cost and we will pay for the quality of the services delivered by those MWh, not the volume of MWh.” -Jennifer Didlo, president of AES Southland

“…41 percent of respondents’ organizations have already implemented smart city-based Internet of Things, while 34 percent have rolled out a smart utility solution. Responses were highest among U.S. companies, 45 percent of which had rolled out smart city or smart utility initiatives.” -Wi-Sun Alliance: “Rise of the Internet of Things” Survey and Report

“The bottom line is that any entity operating within the power and utility space needs to pay close attention to NERC as a regulator, and to which areas NERC is focusing on.” -Deloitte, “Navigating the Year Ahead: Energy and Resources”

“The shifting energy landscape is not just impacting #utilities-it’s disrupting large conglomerates like GE” -@MilePostConsult (Milepost Consulting)

“Zibelman: Resisting energy transition like trying to resist internet via @renew_economy” -@CleanGridView (Katherine Hamilton, co-founder of 38 North Solutions)

“In-service PD testing is an essential tool for lifelong assessment of
#powertransformer health:″ -@Doble (Doble Engineering)

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