Planned biomass plant will use Danish technology

Fredericia, Denmark, November 30, 2009 – Inbicon A/S signed a multi-party memo of understanding to pursue the licensing, development and construction of a biomass refinery in North Dakota.

Inbicon’s collaborators are Otoka Energy, a U.S. developer of renewable energy projects, and Great River Energy, a Minnesota electric generation and transmission cooperative.

The biomass refinery will use Inbicon’s technology to convert more than 400,000 tons of wheat straw into fractions of liquid fuels, solid-fuel lignin pellets and other co-products.

The refinery would be integrated with the adjacent Spiritwood Station, a 62-MW coal-fired plant being constructed by Great River Energy in North Dakota.

“Additional uses for our steam, like the facility proposed here, could virtually double the operating efficiency of Spiritwood Station,” according to Great River Energy VP Gregory Ridderbusch.

Inbicon is currently demonstrating how this works on a smaller scale (1.4 million gallons a year) at its just-opened biomass refinery at Kalundborg port in Denmark, which is integrated with the Asnaes Power Station owned by DONG Energy, Inbicon’s parent company.

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