POWERGRID Europe Brings UAE Expertise to the Continent

SENIOR Editor, Kathleen Davis

As the cultural sun of a very modern 18th century dawned in Germany, a young man traveled from the green hills of Italy to establish a new home in Cologne. Trained as a perfumer, he decided to set up shop in his adopted town. What came from that small happenstance in 1709–right person, right business, right information, right town, right time–is the reason we have the generic term “cologne” today. That young man hit upon a perfect smell, a fragrance that reminded him of spring in Italy. He bottled it, and, as they say, it was like bottling lightning. Generations later, we still recognize the results of that perfect concoction.

Exactly 300 years after Giovanni Farina whipped up the first fateful batch of Eau de Cologne, POWERGRID Europe and its sister shows POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe visit the city still famous for its fresh, citrus scent. Experts will convene in Cologne May 26-28 to talk about meeting the energy challenge. (Details on the conference are on page 30.)

At POWERGRID Europe, you’ll find tracks on connecting renewables, keeping the lights on, juggling assets and costs, demand-side management and details on how to develop a very smart future grid. And the future is key. As we add tidbits into an archaic grid, planning for upgrades and interconnections is more than necessary, it’s vital–vital to society, culture and business, including the business of Farina’s descendants, who still operate the world’s oldest cologne factory opposite Jàƒ¼lichs-Platz.

In 1709, Farina didn’t need much more than a good supply of oils and vats in which to mix them. Modern business requires much more, including the cleanest, smartest, most reliable power supply available. One glitch in the power structure these days costs those cologne makers–and every other businessman–a small fortune.

To meet that particular energy challenge, I invite you to visit with us at POWERGRID Europe. Cologne is the right town; May is the right time. Sit in on our conference sessions. Those have the right information. Walk through the exhibit floor. You might find the right business. Having readers like you in the mix will bring in the right people. With all of those details, we could find the right formula, like Farina–lightning in a bottle. And, like Farina and his citrus scent, this industry is poised to change the world and leave a lasting impression. To keep it from stinking up the place, though, we might need your input. Join us.


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