Powin Energy to deliver 70 MWh in energy storage projects to North America, Italy

Energy storage system provider Powin Energy has installed or will deliver over 32.8 MW/70 MWh of energy storage projects by early 2019 as demand for its battery systems continues to rise. 

The longer-term market is also strong as the company has secured contracts to install an additional 94.7 MW/411 MWh between Q4 2019 and late 2021. These successes are giving Powin strong momentum into 2019 while competitors continue to face critical material shortages.

Powin’s lithium iron phosphate batteries are ideal for stationary storage applications at utility scale. The company has delivered or will deliver over 32.8 MW/70 MWh of projects, including:

IESO Stratford (Canada) – Working with local utility Festival Energy, Powin installed an energy storage project with a capacity of 8.8 MW/40.4MWh to provide ancillary services to the Independent Electricity System Operator. The project is currently owned by partner esVolta, LP., a developer and owner of utility-scale energy storage projects across North America.

IESO Kitchener (Canada) – Working with local utility Kitchener Wilmot Hydro and project developer Hecate Energy, Powin installed 2 MW/6 MWh system to provide reactive services, voltage control, and spinning reserve to the IESO.

Mexico Microgrid – Powin is currently installing a 12 MW/12 MWh energy storage system to be paired with an islanded natural-gas generator providing power to a manufacturing complex in Mexico. Powin’s solution will provide frequency, voltage regulation and spinning reserve services for the microgrid in the event of system emergencies.

Large Utility in Italy – Powin was selected to supply 10 MW/10 MWh energy storage system to be paired with a large coal fired power plant in Italy to provide frequency response services to the larger grid.


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