Thermal Imagers

RIDGID introduced a new line or thermal imagers that feature the latest technology, best images in their class and easy-to-use interfaces to predict problems before they happen. The new line of purpose-built thermal imagers allow quick diagnosis of hidden thermal issues, whether that’s finding building energy leaks or preventing costly downtime of critical systems. The product line includes four thermal imagers-RT-3, RT-5x, RT-7x and RT-9x-that range from providing 160×120 pixel thermal images to 320×240 pixel thermal images. Select models show a digital camera image alongside the thermal image. Using pixel shift technology, SuperResolution effectively doubles the resolution of the camera for saved images, allowing greater detail to detect anomalies. Featured on all models. With àŽµ-Assist, via the integrated digital camera, the thermal imager recognizes a placed reference sticker, determines emissivity and reflected temperature, and sets both values automatically. Available with the RT-5x, RT-7x, and RT-9x.



Smart Markets for Underground Asset Management

Berntsen International’s InfraMarker solution brings digital connectivity to underground assets, giving utilities new tools for data management and locating. InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers are buried with underground assets. Records of every “read” by utility locators and new documentation-text, photos and videos-are relayed from the field to company asset management systems so they can be accessed today or 10 years from now. This allows utilities to capitalize on the data-rich benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) to analyze trends, streamline operations, improve safety and make better decisions. Other benefits are greater transparency, easy data sharing and audit trails to enhance regulatory compliance. InfraMarker makes it easy to quickly and precisely locate underground utilities. The system’s mapping software, visual aids such as photos, and a magnetic locator guide field operators to the asset location, which is verified by an RFID reader. This degree of certainty is crucial to public safety.

Berntsen International


Drone Toolkit
for Linemen

Measure, the largest U.S. provider of drone services to enterprise customers, announced a new drone toolkit that enables electrical utilities to build a professional drone inspection program staffed by their own linemen. The package trains and equips linemen to quickly and safely identify structural defects and damage on transmission lines, towers and substations, making it possible to examine known or suspected trouble spots without the time, expense and risk of mobilizing a helicopter or physically climbing a pole or tower to perform an inspection. The Utility Toolkit complements Measure’s professional drone inspection services for critical infrastructure, including a new reporting suite with FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)-approved cloud storage, allowing operations managers to access detailed, user-friendly inspection information on each asset through a secure online portal.



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