Dual Communication Protocol Power Meter

Schneider Electric announced BACnet IP protocol as an additional, standard feature for PowerLogic PM5500 power meters. These meters can now simultaneously communicate with building management and energy management systems using both BACnet and Modbus protocols. PM5500 meters are BTL tested to ensure seamless interoperability between products from any manufacturers, adherence to new building specifications and reduced risk of integration errors and associated costs in the field. The PM5500 meters are the first in the market to combine dual communications protocols and BTL certification. PM5500 meters are part of the PowerLogic PM5000 series. These meters provide the measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and subbilling, pinpoint energy savings, optimize equipment efficiency and utilization, and perform a basic assessment of the power quality of the electrical network.

Schneider Electric


Microgrid Power Distribution Controller

Diversified Technologies Inc. (DTI) introduced a new microgrid power switching device that can optimize and provide sub-cycle switching for the power originating from renewable energy and other sources to meet real-time usage requirements. The DTI Micro-Grid Power Controller is a medium-voltage switching device that can store power from renewable energy sources such as solar cells and wind farms and be coupled onto the grid to meet peak load requirements. Providing bidirectional power flow, key elements of the system include a grid-tied inverter at medium voltage and a lower-voltage DC bus for high reliability. Designed for high reliability, the DTI Micro-Grid Power Controller uses redundant switches in series and the DC link connects to the grid at 4-7.5 kV AC through an inverter.

By Christen Bergerud, EcoSys


Rugged Thermal Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Sierra-Olympic Technologies, supplier of infrared (IR) and thermal imaging components, cameras and systems solutions, introduced the Viento 67-640 thermal camera for perimeter surveillance, robotics and other rugged outdoor imaging applications. The thermal imager features a fixed focal length and fixed mount. With a 640 x 480, 17-micron thermal imaging core, the Viento 67-640 provides standard NTSC/PAL composite analog video output with simultaneous 8-bit / 14-bit Camera Link® digital output. The uncompressed digital output is for imaging applications that require full-fidelity data transmission. It is designed with an IP67-rated environmental housing, making it ideal for operation in hot, cold, dusty and moist conditions.

Sierra-Olympic Technologies


IoT Suite for Utilities and Energy Service Providers

People Power, a services enablement company providing apps, cloud and mobile services for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced global availability of the People Power IoT Suite, a software system that enables device connectivity to-the-app for powerful, easily-managed consumer IoT programs for utility and energy service providers. The IoT Suite creates more energy-conscious consumers through its robust, customizable software stack, which enables utility and energy service providers to grow revenues by offering value-added and white-label security, energy and home care services. The IoT Suite helps reduce support costs while enabling companies to interact with customers to build meaningful and monetized connected relationships.

People Power

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