Underground Puller

Sherman + Reilly, a Textron Inc. company, and manufacturer of power line stringing and installation equipment, expanded its Duct Dawg series with the launch of the new Duct Dawg DDHXA-75/100 underground puller featuring BOSS Air System’s air compressor. The Duct Dawg Air underground puller is suited for utilities and contractors, providing a multi-functional, safe and efficient machine for underground installation. The Duct Dawg Air underground puller can pull 7,500 or 10,000 pounds, depending on the customer’s needs. The Duct Dawg Air underground puller features a compact, under 16-foot footprint with a fully articulating, self-supported, 3-axis boom. The durable, wireless remote control provides maneuverability and added safety allowing the operator to control the machine from anywhere around the Duct Dawg Air underground puller. The hydraulically driven, twin capstan bullwheels and new 3-speed gearbox provides for a smooth operation. New CANbus technology provides accurate, real-time display readouts of the machine system status including stringing data and digital line tensions.



Physical Asset Inspection Service

Avitas Systems, a GE Venture, is partnering with NVIDIA to use some of the latest advances in artificial intelligence computing to optimize the use of robotics for inspection and better detection of defects on industrial assets with advanced data analytics. Avitas Systems can target specific points of inspection and develop paths to collect data in the form of images and video for a variety of robotics, including drones, robotic crawlers and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). These paths, driven by 3-D models, can be repeated from the same angles and locations. The paths’ repeatability means a wide variety of images captured over time can be inputted into the Avitas Systems cloud-based platform, so advanced image analytics can detect changes and measure exact defects, such as cracks and corrosion. The platform can also rate the severity of defects, often times not visible to the human eye, allowing customers to determine when equipment needs to be replaced and enabling earlier resolution of potential issues.

Avitas Systems


Smart phone for Industrial Work

Cat phones introduces the Cat S41, a rugged and resilient smartphone with a massive and powerful battery, designed to keep users connected no matter what challenges the day presents. The Cat S41 is the successor to the Cat S40 smartphone and carries the legacy of the Caterpillar brand, well known for high quality and rugged reliability. Running full Android capabilities, the Cat S41 is specifically engineered for consumers who work across a range of industries that regularly put their smartphone at risk of damage. A 5000mAh battery forms the heart of the Cat S41, providing up to 38 hours 3G talk time and as much as 44 days standby.



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