AC Grid Access for Near-shore Wind

Siemens’ new alternating-current (AC) grid access solution connects near-shore wind power plants to the grid. It replaces the conventional AC transformer platforms. The solution consists of an offshore transformer module (OTM) attached directly to a wind turbine and acts as a distributed transmission asset. Nominally rated in incremental 250-MW blocks, it can be linked together to provide the required transmission capacity even for very large wind parks. The device can be installed on a wind turbine foundation separately or at the transition piece between foundation and turbine shaft like a balcony. It is suitable for all wind power turbine models.



Home Energy Management

Powerley is a joint venture between global design and technology firm Vectorform and DTE Energy, the electric and gas utility serving millions of customers in Michigan. The new company is the first customizable, real-time home energy management platform for utilities designed to let consumers discover, understand and improve energy consumption and savings in an effective, interactive way. In partnership with DTE Energy, Vectorform designed and built DTE Insight, a home energy management experience that launched in July 2014 for DTE Energy customers. DTE Insight, which includes an energy management mobile app for iOS and Android and a companion Energy Bridge device that syncs with a home’s advanced meter to provide real-time energy usage data, has had more than 45,000 downloads. Vectorform and DTE created Powerley to offer the same innovative technology to utilities and their customers across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Powerley’s app lets users link their advanced meters to their smartphones. Once a utility offers Powerley to its customers, the company will ship the Powerley Energy Bridge to participating homes with advanced meters. Customers simply plug the small hardware device into their home network, download the Powerley app and see a complete, real-time breakdown of their home’s energy consumption. Powerley data gives customers the ability and guidance to set goals, reduce utility costs and compare usage with friends, family and their community.



DSM Customer Engagement Platform

Nexant iEnergy is a data management, analytics and customer engagement platform that changes how utilities manage DSM customer initiatives including energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand response. The platform helps utilities reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, meet compliance and reporting requirements, drive energy savings and enhance ecosystem collaboration among the utility, customers, trade allies and implementers. iEnergy DSM Central manages end-to-end DSM, energy efficiency and renewable energy business processes. iEnergy Trade Ally provides efficient vendor and contractor outreach, engagement and management to form an energy conservation community that works together. iEnergy Home engages and educates consumers to be energy-efficient and participate in utility programs. iEnergy Onsite provides real-time energy analysis and rebate information through a mobile energy assessment application. iEnergy Demand Response provides a single system to manage the complete demand response business process. iEnergy Technical Reference Library manages the complete set of DSM measure assumptions used in TRMs.



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