Smart PV Controller

The SUN2000 30-40KTL smart PV controller adopts the concept of “out with the copper, in with the silicon” and uses the Huawei Hisilicon chip and operating system, reducing the usage of copper devices. These features convert the traditional power converter to a smart controller that can “think” and be the “brain” of a power plant, achieving better efficiency and quality.

RS485 transmission is upgraded to PLC transmission, providing more reliable transmission and ensuring that monitoring data can be trusted. It has a maximum of three maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for versatile adaption to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments, six strings intelligent monitoring and 80 percent time saving for fault detection, power line communication (PLC) supported and Adaptive Edge MPPT for fast tracking.


High-Speed SF6 Recovery & Maintenance Systems

DILO Company Inc. announced the launch of the completely re-designed Mega Series SF6 gas carts. The new systems named L400 and L600 will replace the L280 and L550 series, and they have been designed specifically for large SF6 volume applications as well as for time critical SF6 maintenance projects requiring fast SF6 handling while eliminating any gas emissions.

At the heart of the systems is the new B200 compressor-which has been designed from the ground up and is tailored to the specific requirements of SF6 handling drawing from DILO’s over 40 years of building compressors for this type of application and will be manufactured in house by DILO. Depending on system configuration, it is capable of recovering more than 850 pounds of SF6 per hour.

Interface is via smart panel utilizing DILO’s proprietary graphic based software, which simplifies system operation allowing remote operation via smartphone or tablet. Additional features include a high speed filling option as well as handling multiple functions simultaneously providing even more time savings.

DILO Company Inc.

LCD User Interface for Embedded Applications announces the launch of its new programming-free LCD user interface (UI), which allows seamless and code-free integration onto any embedded platform, eliminating the need to write software to control the display.

The LCDTERM user interface does not require LCD programming knowledge, and allows users to focus more on desired functionality rather than writing device drivers. The product’s three-button keyboard allows developers to implement a full UI without having to worry about reading buttons, de-bouncing, or programming resources on their host embedded system.

The LCDTERM interface includes all control firmware on-board, utilizes a speedy ARM m0 processor, and comes with free API. Included fonts and user-defined bitmaps allows for addition of 64K color displays to any embedded system.

Mobile Intelligence and Analytics Solution

NetMotion Software announced the release of Diagnostics 4.0. Diagnostics 4.0 gives IT organizations key security and operational data-from public and private networks, Wi-Fi and carrier, inside and outside the firewall-to plan for, deploy and manage their mobile employees. Diagnostics collects real-time, location-based data from mobile devices enabling in-field support and troubleshooting.

As an integral component of an MPM solution, Diagnostics 4.0 allows decision makers in security, IT and other roles to leverage live data about the security and productivity of a mobile organization. This empirical data gives IT staff a clear view of every employee’s mobile experience, including optimization level, security risks, utilization rates and more.

NetMotion Software

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