Threat Analytics Platform

Waterfall Security Solutions has partnered with FireEye Inc., the intelligence-led security company, to integrate the FireEye cloud-based threat analytics platform (TAP) with industrial networks using Waterfall’s unidirectional CloudConnect.

This joint solution enables FireEye customers to monitor and protect their industrial control system (ICS) networks using the cloud-based Helix service, while eliminating the threat of remote cyberattacks entering the monitored ICS environment. Industrial businesses that previously refrained from using any cloud or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services due to security concerns, can now remain confident that their ICS networks are safe from external cyber risks.

The unidirectional CloudConnect product is based on Waterfall’s patented unidirectional gateway technology, which physically prevents cyberattacks from entering into an industrial network.

Waterfall Security Solutions


Panelboard Barriers

Schneider Electric introduced Fingersafe IP2X per IEC 60529 Barriers for NQ Lighting and Appliance Panelboards. Designed with service professionals’ safety in mind, Fingersafe, which provides plastic barriers that cover main lugs or main and branch breakers, prevents workers from touching electrical parts, reducing the risk of accidental contact with energized components.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites electrocution as one of the top four causes of construction industry deaths. Exposure to electricity kills more than 150 U.S. workers annually. Fingersafe IP2X barriers are designed to prevent people from accessing hazardous parts with a finger, and provide improved protection from accidental contact when working on energized equipment. The barriers increase electrical workers’ ability to comply with OSHA CFR 1910.333(a)(1) and make main breakers compliant with UL 67 2017 Service Entrance standards.

Schneider Electric


Megawatt-Scale Energy Storage Solution

Northern Power Systems Corp. now offers a full suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that incorporate various battery types and capabilities, depending on the application and end-user need.

In addition to providing multiple battery options, Northern Power, backed by decades of turnkey systems experience, can integrate its own field-proven power conversion and control hardware to deliver the optimum energy storage system. The company has already qualified and begun integrating batteries from three industry-leading suppliers with different chemistries for a variety of use cases, and anticipates adding to this list of qualified solutions: UniEnergy Technologies-vanadium-redox flow batteries; Eos Energy Storage-zinc hybrid batteries; and Samsung SDI-lithium-ion batteries. Northern Power’s energy storage systems incorporate batteries from these top-tier suppliers together with the company’s FlexPhase power conversion platform, controls, battery management hardware and ancillary systems.

Northern Power Systems Corp.


Shortwave Infrared Camera

Princeton Infrared Technologies Inc. (PIRT) announces what it calls “the world’s first and only MegaPixel (MP) shortwave-infrared (SWIR) camera with no ITAR export restrictions.”

The newest camera in Princeton Infrared’s family of SWIR imaging products to fall under the no ITAR restrictions umbrella is the 1280SciCam, with a 1280 x 1024 image sensor on a 12 µm pitch, featuring long exposure times, extremely low read noise, 14-bit digital output, and full frame rates up to 95 Hz. Designed for advanced scientific and astronomy applications, the camera detects light from the visible to the SWIR (0.4. to 1.7 microns). It is available with a variety of lens formats. PIRT’s 1280SciCam and LineCam12 cameras are now classified by the Export Administration Regulations as EAR 6A003.b.4.a for export.

Princeton Infrared Technologies


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