Home Automation Hub

Power management company Eaton announced the launch of the Home Automation Hub, a connected home gateway that puts automation and energy management a touch away. Eaton’s Home Automation Hub provides homeowners, builders and contractors with a solution that allows users to integrate into their smart home system and control a variety of popular intelligent devices, such as Honeywell Lyric thermostats, Kwikset locks, Denon Heos music systems, Clare Controls security devices and many more. This hub is one of many products that work seamlessly with all of Eaton’s wiring devices solutions, including its broad offering of Z-Wave-based lighting controls. Eaton’s Home Automation Hub features: Single app control to manage lighting, security systems, locks, garage door openers, thermostats, cameras, entertainment networks, sensors and more. It is security enabled to integrate with popular security systems to simplify control. The hub is simple to install and includes Z-Wave based products with ad-hoc Wi-Fi capability and mobile app.



Thermal Imaging Multimeter

FLIR announced the FLIR DM166 thermal imaging multimeter with Infrared Guided Measurement (IGMà¢â€ž-), a digital multimeter/thermal imager combination. The FLIR DM166 features 80×60 thermal resolution, broad multimeter test functions, and the flexibility for use in both high- and low-voltage applications. Designed to provide faster troubleshooting in applications such as electrical distribution, electro-mechanical systems, HVAC/R and electronics, the FLIR DM166 features a FLIR Lepton® thermal microcamera core that visually guides users to the precise location of a problem. The feature-packed multimeter helps users pinpoint issues faster, and then troubleshoot complex electrical distribution and electro-mechanical systems more effectively and efficiently.Thermal imaging is a non-contact temperature measurement method, allowing the user to more safely scan for overheating system components. It includes a rugged, drop-tested design and the safety rating electrical and HVAC professionals’ need.



Power Analyzers

Power Standards Lab Inc. announced the commercial availability of two new PQube® 3 models: PQube® 3e and PQube® 3v. They complement the company’s flagship PQube 3—the industry standard with thousands of units deployed in the field at semiconductor tools; data centers (UPS, PDU); energy (switchgears, transformers, VFD, PV inverters); and medical (MRI, scanners, generators) applications. The range of PQube 3 analyzers now includes ultra-precise multi-function and multiple-circuit power quality and energy meter. Ideal for immediate diagnosis of power issues, power consumption analysis, as well as environmental sensing, and external process monitoring. The PQube 3e includes multi-load power consumption monitoring for 14 single-phase loads, or 4 three-phase loads measured simultaneously, drastically lowering the per-circuit cost of monitoring. The PQube 3v voltage quality analyzer is ideal for price-sensitive applications where compliance is required, while load monitoring is not. The newest models offer power monitoring and analysis in an ultra-compact form factor. They are easily installed in sensitive equipment across a range of applications and industries that include utilities.

Power Standards Lab Inc.


Integrated P25 Solution for Utilities

Harris Corp. has introduced a fully integrated P25 solution for the utility market that enables communications interoperability between utilities and public safety customers. The fully-integrated P25 solution includes the new Harris XL-185P, a commercial LTE-ready 700/800/900 MHz portable radio built for utility customers operating on 800/900 MHz spectrum and in need of full interoperability with 700/800 MHz public safety P25 systems. It comes standard with instant replay, Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS, and provides a P25 option for utilities operating on the 800/900 MHz bands interested in interoperating with public safety. Harris’ P25 utilities solution also integrates enhancements to both the Harris MASTR V base station and VIDA® Core platform, which includes support for the 900 MHz frequency band, the addition of high velocity data for applications such as work order management and asset tracking, and a new high-availability configuration that can tolerate multiple levels of hardware failure. The use of VIDA Core enables customers to take advantage of the Harris Symphony Console and BeOn®, Harris’ advanced push-to-talk secure group communications application.

Harris Corp.


Compact Size Zero Circuit Breaker

Siemens has developed a new air circuit breaker in the compact size zero that can handle rated currents of up to 1,250 amperes (A). Siemens’ 3WL10 has closed the last gap in its portfolio and now offers circuit breakers for nearly every application, in four sizes and five performance classes from 630 A to 6,300 A. The 3WL10 communication-capable circuit breakers reduce space requirements in the switchgear to a minimum. With two individual electronic trip units and various connection options, they can be installed in switchgear in accordance with IEC61439 and integrated into energy management systems via communications modules and the internal metering function. Siemens’ 3WL air circuit breakers can act as incoming-feeder, distributor, coupler and outgoing-feeder circuit breakers in electrical systems in industry, buildings and infrastructure applications. The entire portfolio can be used worldwide at temperatures up to 70 C (without derating up to 55 C) and complies with IEC-60947-2 and DIN VDE 0690 part 1. All circuit breakers with functions for communication and energy data acquisition can be configured via Profibus or Modbus.



Power Monitoring Instruments

Power from the phase has now been added to the Dranetz Technologies IP65 rated Dranetz HDPQ SP power monitoring instruments. The Dranetz HDPQ Visa SP, Guide SP, Xplorer SP and Xplorer 400 SP instruments are intended for use in harsh, outdoor and remote environments, or for applications where a LCD display is undesirable. Dranetz HDPQ users can now choose between a traditional portable instrument with a local 7-inch color touch LCD display or a SP version that can be powered from the phase, and is housed in an IP65 enclosure without a local LCD display. The HDPQ portable (with 7-inch display) and SP (IP65 enclosure without display) versions each have the same measurement and strong remote communications capabilities. The Dranetz HDPQ family of power quality, demand and energy instruments not only offer excellent measurement capabilities, but also have powerful communications capabilities, making it ideal for commissioning, engineering and troubleshooting applications. The communications available in the Dranetz HDPQ line enhances the end users’ productivity and safety by allowing users to control the instrument and download data remotely. Users no longer must subject themselves to hazardous environments and can now manage power surveys remotely from their office or other more convenient location.

Dranetz Support


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