Prudent Energy installs MW class VRB energy storage system for CEPRI

Beijing, March 2, 2011 — Prudent Energy has finalized the installation of a 1 MWh Vanadium Redox Battery energy storage system, sized at a rated power 500 kW and a peak power of 750 kW pulse capability for the China Electric Power Research Institute in Zhangbei, Hebei province in northern China.

This project is part of the National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center of China owned by State Grid Corporation of China, using 30 wind turbines with at least 78 MW of generating capacity, and 640 kW of solar photovoltaic capacity and 2.5MW of energy storage.

Once completed, the testing center will be the largest such facility in the world and will represent a step forward for China’s renewable energy development that includes clean energy storage.

The testing center will allow State Grid Corporation of China to develop a combination of concepts for future grid operations ranging from renewable energy grid integration, to intelligent monitoring, communications and control (smart grid).

Prudent Energy’s VRB-ESS will be put to use at the NWIC to develop control algorithms for the effective integration of wind and solar power on the grid, leading the world in such efforts.

Prudent Energy is responsible for the design, engineering and commissioning of the VRB energy storage system, which is ready for handover this week.

By pre-assembling individual modules of 175kW each and testing them prior to delivery, Prudent Energy was able to shorten on-site installation and commissioning time, while cutting cost and eliminating project risks.

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