Reliant providing 10,000 free home energy monitors to early-adopter customers

Houston, January 9, 2012 – Reliant customers are learning what the smart energy future looks like with the Reliant e-Sense Home Energy Monitor. More than 3,500 Reliant customers have received the free in-home display and the company is giving away 6,500 additional monitors to help customers make smarter energy decisions based on the unprecedented, near real-time information about their electricity use and cost.

The Reliant e-Sense Home Energy Monitor lets customers view the amount of electricity they are using, with data updated as fast as every 10 seconds. And as customers turn on their home’s electrical devices, the monitor will show them the incremental electricity usage – allowing them to understand their usage like never before. The home energy monitor also compares daily and weekly usage totals as well as daily, weekly and monthly costs.

Reliant has already provided 3,500 home energy monitors free of charge to both early-adopter customers and low-income customers in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth to help them better understand how they use electricity and ultimately give them more control over their electricity use and monthly electricity bill.

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