Renova completes 293.6 MW wind parks in Brazil

Bahia, Brazil, June 30, 2012 — Brazilian renewable energy developer Renova Energia completed the installation of 14 wind parks with combined capacity of 293.6 MW in the country’s northeastern Bahia state.

The ventures, which commercialized their energy at the second reserve auction held by Brazil‘s government in 2009, comprise a total 184 wind turbines.

These are the Alvorada, Candiba, Guanambi, Guirapa, Igapora, Ilheus, Licinio de Almeida, Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, Pajeu do Vento, Pindai, Planaltina, Porto Seguro, Rio Verde and Serra do Salto units. According to Renova, all parks already have environmental licenses for operation.

The civil works were executed by local construction companies Queiroz Galvao and Engineering Mercurius, while the electromechanical package was responsibility of Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB.

Although completed, the wind parks will not start generating power immediately due to the lack of transmission facilities for shared connection (ICGs), which will provide shared access to the basic grid.

The ICGs are being built by local state-run power utility Chesf, which faces delays in the issuance of the environmental licenses and expects to complete the facilities in mid-2013.


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