S&C Electric Co. expands capacity for smart grid, renewable energy products

Chicago, March 5, 2012 — Transmission technologies firm S&C Electric Co., announced an expansion of its engineering and production facilities in Franklin, Wis.

This facility supports S&C‘s power quality products, which include energy storage integration solutions, reactive compensation systems applied at renewable energy plants and extremely fast uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical power users.

The expansion will double S&C’s manufacturing capacity for these products, allowing S&C to better support global demand for solutions to a wide range of challenges facing today’s power grids. The facility is expected to open on August 1, 2012.

In the rapidly evolving field of renewable energy generation, power quality solutions are needed to help integrate these sources and are often required to meet grid interconnection requirements.

By ensuring these requirements are met, S&C’s reactive compensation solutions help renewable energy plant owners and operators optimize renewable energy production, avoid penalties and maximize return on investment. In addition, stored-energy systems protect customers against power outages and enables renewable energy to be optimized on the grid.

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