Salt River Project to install solar power energy storage system

JLM Energy‘s solar plus energy storage system, Energizr 200, is now available in Salt River Project territory and is fully programmed and automated with local tariff data to immediately help homeowners save money on utility bills.

Energizr 200 enhances efficiency by making it possible to rely on stored energy when electricity is most expensive to use.

Following the implementation of SRP‘s E-27 Customer Generation Rate in December 2014, homeowners who want to have new solar installed now face additional charges on their utility bills.

These fees are related to peak power consumption during times of peak demand. This is usually during the evening hours — when families have most of their lights and electronic appliances turned on — rather than when the sun is out.

JLM Energy Arizona General Manager Adam Day said, “We initially developed Energizr 200 with the specific intent of solving the challenges customers face in SRP territory. Arizona is a primary focus for our business and that is why we are increasing our commitment to the region.”

JLM Energy has opened a showroom at 916 East Baseline Road in Mesa. The company has hired 6 new sales and installation employees and expects to scale to about 15 total positions in 2016.

SRP’s shift in rate structures 18 months ago left homeowners interested in solar with little to no opportunity to save money while generating their own power. Energizr 200 is a viable, cost-effective solution. It stores excess solar production generated during the day in batteries so that it can be automatically deployed during times of peak demand — even during hours with no sunlight. The advanced algorithms are controlled by JLM’s cloud-based proprietary software platform, Measurz, and act behind-the-scenes to meet a monthly budget set by the homeowner.

Measurz software analyzes user habits to come up with efficiency recommendations. The mobile app enables remote control of appliances including HVAC systems, smart thermostats and pool pumps that often cost the most to run. Energizr 200 tracks real-time energy consumption to create efficiencies that can be monitored from home or remotely. This leads to more informed energy use decisions and immediate cost savings.


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