Saskatoon, Canada builds landfill gas power facility

The city of Saskatoon in Saskatchwan, Canada completed a landfill gas collection system at the Saskatoon Regional Waste Management Centre (landfill) and began flaring gas at the site November 22.

The capital cost of the project is $15 million, with $6.75 million federal and provincial funding through the Canada-Saskatchewan Provincial-Territorial Base Fund. The remainder of the cost will be funded by the city.

When fully completed, the facility will produce about 13 GWh of electric power from landfill gas each year — enough energy to power about 1,300 homes and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50,000 tons, which is equivalent to removing over 9,000 vehicles from city roads.

The facility will capture landfill gas that is produced by decomposed organic waste, pipe the gas to a generating station and use the gas to produce renewable energy.

This is the first power generation facility to be built by the city of Saskatoon in over 100 years. The power generation facility is expected to be completed in early 2014.

Beginning in 2014, the city will sell power generated by the facility to Saskatoon Light & Power (SaskPower) through their Green Options Partners Program for about $1.3 million per year, allowing the project to pay for itself in about nine years.


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