Satcon selected for 10 MW solar photovoltaic plant

Boston, November 10, 2009 — Satcon Technology Corp., a provider of utility-scale power solutions for the renewable energy market, was selected for the 10-MW Exelon City Solar photovoltaic power plant.

The plant will be built at a former industrial site in the West Pullman neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. The site, owned and operated by Exelon Generation, was designed and is being constructed by SunPower Corp., a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems.

The 41-acre solar facility will utilize Satcon Prism, a customizable 1-MW medium-voltage package complete with step-up transformers, switchgear and electronics.

The Prism solutions will connect nearly 32,300 SunPower solar panels to the local utility and efficiently convert the sun’s rays into enough electricity for up to 1,500 homes per year.

The Exelon City Solar plant will combine Satcon’s Prism solution, designed to deliver the highest levels of energy harvesting, efficiency and system uptime, with SunPower panels, which generate up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar panels and two to four times as much power as thin-film solar technology.

The site will also use SunPower Trackers, solar tracking systems that tilt toward the sun as it moves across the sky, increasing daily energy production by up to 25 percent.

Satcon Prism is built on the foundation of the industry standard setting PowerGate Plus 500kW solar PV inverter platform, the most advanced and field proven large scale inverter solution, with over 400 MW delivered since 2005.

The solution is delivered complete in an all-climate outdoor enclosure and ready to connect to the PV array and utility grid, enabling rapid installation through a modular prepackaged design.

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