SDG&E launching new energy efficiency program for small commercial customers

California-based Willdan Group announced today that it has been selected to design and implement the new Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program for SDG&E customers. This three-year, $42 million program will provide energy efficiency and demand response to small businesses with peak demand of less than 20 kilowatts.

The program includes direct install, new financing vehicles tailored for very small customers, and specialized technical assistance. Unique program features include a do-it-yourself installation option, the use of a new online platform to streamline program delivery, and partnership with community-based organizations to assist hard-to-reach customers and customers located in disadvantaged communities.

Willdan has provided energy efficiency and resource procurement programs in Southern California since 2008:

  • Lodging Energy Efficiency Program,
  • Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program,
  • Small Business Direct Install Program,
  • Business Energy Solutions Program,
  • Commercial Comprehensive Audit Program, and the
  • Multifamily Energy Savings Assistance Common Area Measures Program.

This is Willdan’s first award through the California Investor-Owned Utilities’ new, multi-stage competitive bidding process, which aims to outsource 60% of their energy efficiency programs to third-party implementers by the end of 2022.

“Small businesses were hit the hardest by the economic effects of COVID-19,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman. “As they start to recover, their operational costs — such as energy use and time-of-use expenses — are going to be increasingly important. By supporting energy efficiency and demand response, we can reduce energy use and costs, improving their bottom lines.”

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