Silver Spring Networks pairs with Acuity Brands on smart city, IoT development

Silver Spring Networks announced that Acuity Brands, through its unit Acuity Brands Lighting is a new technology and channel partner.

Acuity Brands’ field sales organization will deliver Silver Spring’s technology for smart street lights and smart city services as part of its turn-key offering for large-scale customers including utilities and cities.

This includes Silver Spring‘s Gen5 networking platform, Streetlight.Vision control management software (CMS), and the ability to provide end-customers smart lighting and smart city solutions delivered through Silver Spring’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

Silver Spring’s NaaS platform allows cities and utilities to avoid upfront capital equipment and deployment costs as well as reduce operational and management expenditures.

The two industry leaders also announced upcoming U.S. availability of their integrated street light solution, the DTL DSN intelligent photocontrol from Acuity Brands. The solution integrates Silver Spring’s standards-based, IPv6 networking platform with an enhanced version of the DLL Elite long-life, LED-compatible photocontrol from Acuity Brands. The DTL DSN intelligent photocontrol offers customers enhanced control features including remote brightening and dimming.

Providing a common foundation for smart city, smart utility and industrial IoT applications enables the platform benefits to increase with each new application that is added.

For example, by deploying an initial application such as smart street lights across a city, a broad network canopy is created that can be leveraged to connect additional applications such as smart traffic systems, environmental sensors, and digital signage. With the network infrastructure already in place, new applications and services can be brought to market at an accelerated pace, with a lower cost barrier to entry.

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