SkyPower gets environmental approval for Nova Scotia wind project

Toronto, August 24, 2009 — SkyPower Corp. and Scotian Windfields said Nova Scotia Environment has granted environmental approval for 25.5 MW of wind turbine capacity for the Digby wind power project in Digby, Nova Scotia.

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields had originally filed a request for approval for a 30MW project. As part of the Environmental Assessment Approval process, three of the proposed turbines (4.5 MWs) were excluded from the approval and will require relocation subject to further consultation with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division regarding wildlife connectivity and Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) regarding sound and setbacks.

The proposed relocation of the turbines will be shortly submitted to the NSE Environmental Assessment Branch for review and further consideration. SkyPower and Scotian Windfields are confident today that it will be able to identify three more suitable turbine locations in the next few weeks and proceed to seek approval for the final 4.5MWs.

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields have received a tremendous amount of community support for the Digby project. A recent independent research survey conducted by Pollara revealed:

“- 84 percent of residents within Digby area support wind power development in their area;

“- 88 percent of residents within the Digby Neck and Town support the proposed Digby wind power project;

“- 90 percent of residents within the Digby area support increased wind power development in the Province of Nova Scotia.

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields will continue to work closely with its partners, engineers and local constituents to finalize its revised schedule and looks forward to commencing construction of this exciting project in the near future.


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