Solar power glass processed at commercial window fabricator

SolarWindow Technologies’ transparent solar power-generating glass has been processed through the autoclave system for window glass lamination at a commercial window fabricator.

Layered with SolarWindow electricity-generating liquid coatings, glass modules were subjected to the extremely high heat and pressure of autoclave equipment located at the fabricator’s facility. Despite the SolarWindow modules being subjected to the harsh pressure and temperature conditions, subsequent performance testing confirmed that the modules continued to produce power, paving the way for deployment of the company’s electricity-generating windows.

When clad with electricity-generating windows, tall towers and skyscrapers could become clean power generators, the company says.

A single SolarWindow installation on a 50-story building, for example, could reduce electricity costs by as much as 50 percent per year, avoid more than two million miles of equivalent carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles on the road, and achieve a one-year financial payback, according to engineering modeling.

The autoclave manufacturing process uses high heat and pressure to bond layers of glass required for safety and architectural glass. Glass is held in place by an interlayer, between two or more layers of glass.

The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces. The company’s electricity-generating coatings are applied to the inside of these panes and laminate interlayer during manufacturing. The ability of these liquid coatings to withstand the autoclave process is critical to the production of electricity-generating windows.

This announcement follows news that SolarWindow modules recently passed important weather-performance testing after being subjected to more than 200 freeze/thaw cycles. These results confirmed that the company’s electricity-generating coatings withstand real-world weather conditions and achieve long operational lifetimes no matter the outdoor environment that SolarWindow products are exposed to.

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. creates transparent electricity-generating liquid coatings. When applied to glass or plastics, these coatings convert passive windows and other materials into electricity generators under natural, artificial, low, shaded, and even reflected light conditions.

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