SolarCity rolls out energy storage using Tesla Motors technology

SolarCity is unveiling a smart energy storage system to address two problems for business: rising utility demand charges and increasing grid outages.

SolarCity energy storage systems will initially be available in areas of California serviced by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE), areas of Massachusetts serviced by NSTAR, and areas of Connecticut served by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P).

SolarCity DemandLogic can allow businesses to reduce energy costs by using stored electricity to reduce peak demand, and can also provide backup power during grid outages, according to the company.

Developed with energy storage battery technology from Tesla Motors, DemandLogic storage includes learning software that automates the discharge of stored energy to optimize utility charge savings for customers.

SolarCity energy storage systems are available to new solar power customers through 10-year service agreements including monthly payments, with no upfront cost required. SolarCity will customize the system size to make it possible for businesses to save money immediately by saving more on energy costs than they spend for the storage service.

Unlike load shifting approaches to demand management, this product requires no change in operations for the business and is fully automated. DemandLogic can also power IT functions, security systems, cash registers and other critical business systems during power outages. SolarCity analyzes each organization’s energy usage to design a storage system that can offset peak load and support high priority backup functions.


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