Solon introduces remote monitoring tool for solar power plants

Berlin, Germany, June 21, 2010 — Solon, the Berlin-based manufacturer of solar energy products, will present an innovative tool for remote control and monitoring of solar power plants at Intersolar 2010 in Munich, Germany.

The Solon SCADA system is a web-based monitoring, control, and reporting system, specially designed for use in the energy provider and large-scale power plant sectors.

The Solon SCADA system delivers real-time, 24-hour information on a power plant’s vital data — from the current output to the components and detailed analyses. Rapid detection of potential malfunctions in the power plant operation can help to minimize downtimes while maximizing yields.

The Solon SCADA system makes it possible to not only remotely monitor but also control and provide maintenance for solar power plants. No additional software is required.

Users with a computer connected to the Internet can access data on the system, weather, production, or even the status of servicing via the Solon SCADA system; furthermore, it can also provide trend charts, target/actual analyses and business case reports.

It can be used as well to make comparisons between Solon power plants at different sites. The modular design of the Solon SCADA system allows it to be easily adapted to power plants of different sizes and types of technologies, or even implemented when expanding a power plant.

The user-friendly, operator-oriented system complies with the current German and U.S. grid guidelines and can accommodate the integration of a wide variety of control interfaces.

The industrial components used in the system are certified, exceptionally durable, and have proven themselves time and again in the field, proving that the system can be used worldwide for a variety of purposes and that it works reliably, even under extreme operating conditions. The Solon SCADA system is now available.

Solon SE is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe as well as a supplier of solar system technology for large-scale rooftop and greenfield installations. The Solon Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the U.S. and employs some 900 people worldwide.

Solon’s core business is producing solar modules and photovoltaic systems along with planning and constructing large rooftop installations and turnkey solar power plants all over the world.


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