Southern States Power Co. signs joint venture agreement with Carbon Cycle Co. International for biomass power projects

RIVERSIDE, Calif., March 18, 2003 — Southern States Power Co. Inc., a member of the National Biodiesel Board, announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Carbon Cycle Company International, a biomass energy company, to provide clean heat energy for potential customers, particularly in conjunction with Southern States’ development of power projects with the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT).

Carbon Cycle utilizes its C3I Plug Fuel Furnace to consume solid fuels in a controlled combustion producing clean, reliable, on-site energy in a virtually maintenance-free furnace, a technology that is ideal for remote locations and those with an abundance of forest waste materials.

The C3I System can be used to power boilers, absorption refrigeration units, thermal-electrical generators to produce space and water heating (greenhouses and swimming pools), space cooling (cold-storage refrigeration) and even electricity. Cost effective on-site heat power and electricity (grid compatible base-load) is in development for use in projects such as the joint venture with Southern States.

Harrison A. McCoy, III, president and chief executive officer of SSPC, commented, “Forest thinning operations on Native American lands provide an ideal application for this technology. Our joint venture with Carbon Cycle allows us to bring a highly effective, low cost energy development opportunity to the CERT members that have an abundance of biomass waste that is currently being underutilized.”

Kerry Sachs, designer, founder and chief technology officer for Carbon Cycle, stated, “Carbon Cycle Company International is extremely pleased with the alliance to deliver biomass energy solutions with SSPC and CERT. There is a natural synergy between the organizations and the technology applications. The combining of our skills will bring great value to Forest Management and biomass fuels utilization.

C3I technology will bring thermal, process, and electrical energy to areas with available biomass for clean combustion, and we look forward to a robust program to develop renewable energy projects in North America with SSPC and CERT,” added Sachs.

About Carbon Cycle Company International

Carbon Cycle Company International is an energy company combining a highly efficient biomass furnace with a solid business model to provide clean, reliable energy for a sustainable future. Carbon Cycle’s C3I Combustor System burns agricultural and forestry waste items, which results in lowering the cost of producing energy while cleaning the environment.
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About Southern States Power Company Inc.

Southern States Power Company is a business development company whose core focus is to invest in alternative energy projects, particularly the production of biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel, including the company’s own EPA-registered OxEG Biodiesel, is a clean, renewable fuel that can be used in diesel engines with virtually no modifications to the engines, vehicles or ground fueling equipment.
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