SustainX now operating compressed air energy storage system

Utility-scale bulk energy storage technology provider SustainX Inc., has completed construction and begun startup of a megawatt-scale isothermal compressed air energy storage system.

SustainX’s energy storage system stores and returns megawatts of electricity to provide long-term grid stability and support integration of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The 1.5 MW energy storage system is located at SustainX headquarters in Seabrook, New Hampshire. It takes electricity from the grid and uses it to drive a motor that compresses air and stores it isothermally, or at near-constant temperature. To do so it captures the heat produced during compression, traps it in water, and stores the warmed air-water mixture in pipes.

When electricity is needed back on the grid, the process reverses and the air expands, driving a generator. No fossil fuel is needed to reheat the air and no emissions are produced, making compressed air energy storage a safe and sustainable energy storage solution.

The system can be scaled in both power (megawatts) and energy (megawatt-hours) depending on the application, and can be located where needed thanks to its use of standard pipeline storage and clean, emission-free operation.

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