The 100 percent renewables energy is reachable, says Wartsila

“Smart technology is unlocking the 100 per cent renewables future,” said the boss of Wartsila Energy Solutions today.

Delivering the keynote speech at POWER-GEN Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dr Javier Cavada said: “We are moving to a 100 per cent renewable world. We are looking at the biggest-ever revolution in energy.”

“One hundred per cent renewables is not happening in a laboratory – it’s not an experiment: it’s happening now.”

However, he said that 100 power cent renewables is only possible “if there is enough flexibility in the system”, and added that it is gas engines that is providing this flexibility. “The role of gas is changing – it is now the best friend of renewables. Gas is able to maximize the penetration of renewables.”

He said coal-fired power, plus that of large gas turbines and nuclear, do not have this flexibility – a fact that was being recognized by the operators of these plants. “They are changing their business models because there is no future for their traditional models.”

Cavada said that Asia was not only “becoming the growth engine of the planet”, it was also driving the worldwide energy transition. He stressed that Asian countries were dominating global capacity additions – together China and India account for 40 per cent of the worldwide total. In particular, he highlighted Indonesia as having an energy system that was “evolving to more flexibility, innovation and clean energy. Indonesia understands how important it is to have the infrastructure to drive economic growth.”


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