The World’s Top Ten Power Generation Assets

The earth’s 7 billion people are increasingly hungry for electric power, and once they learn to live with it, they are reluctant to ever give it up. While distributed generation, or the idea of spreading out power generation across the grid using multiple small and decentralized power sources is finding favor, there is still a need for baseload power generated from massive, centralized power stations.

The world's top ten power generation assets

The powerful projects in this list required years of planning, billions of dollars, thousands of tons of concrete, and at times the movement of thousands of people. A few of these modern wonders of the world have had songs and poems written in tribute to them. Some were dreamed up by famous world leaders whose names you will recognize. Many of them are popular tourist destinations in their own right. And some of them, were they to be shut down for any reason, could plunge entire countries into darkness.

From South Korea to Brazil, from the U.S. to China, here is our top ten list of the most powerful sources of electricity ever built by human beings.


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