Trilliant, British Gas extend smart meter partnership

Smart energy communications firm Trilliant announced that its partnership in smart metering with British Gas has been extended for the foundation phase of the U.K. rollout and that the two companies are now working together on developing pre-payment capability.

Trilliant supplies the smart metering communications system to British Gas, including the communications hubs and Trilliant’s UnitySuite Head-end software for management of the smart metering business processes and communications service.

The U.K. government has mandated a rollout of smart meters to all consumers in the U.K. by 2019, and this rollout is estimated to create $21.4 billion in net benefits to the U.K. in consumer energy savings and lower energy generation demand, according to an Oxford Economics report.

During the past four years, Trilliant and British Gas have worked together to extend Trilliant’s communications platform to the requirements of the U.K., and have developed the appropriate standards to ensure the deployment of a system based on open standards.

The validation of this solution has led to British Gas and Trilliant reiterating their partnership commitment for the Foundation stage, both continuing to lead the industry in the roll-out of smart meters. The next phase of the deployment will see Trilliant and British Gas introduce pre-payment functionality and continue expansion across the country.

The Trilliant Platform is deployed with more than 200 utilities worldwide to enhance energy efficiency, improve grid reliability, lower operating costs, integrate renewable energy resources and electric vehicles, and empower consumers to better manage their energy consumption.

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