TXU Energy installing electric vehicle charging stations in Dallas, Ft. Worth

Dallas, September 23, 2010 — TXU Energy is jump-starting electric vehicle programs in the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth with its gift of key electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The TXU Energy Accelerator program will invest in at least a dozen charging stations spread across the two cities at various locations. The locations and type of charging station equipment will be selected by each city. TXU Energy will fund the cost of the charging station equipment and installation.

“ËœFilling up’ an electric vehicle should be cheaper than gasoline — comparable to paying about 75 cents/gallon of gasoline. To emphasize this point, TXU Energy has also offered to reimburse the cities for the cost of the electricity at the charging stations for city vehicles for three years, and for the public’s vehicles for the first year.

“This is an important step in developing the kind of infrastructure needed to provide cleaner transportation options for North Texans,” said Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert. “Almost three-fourths of air pollution can be attributed to mobile sources, and electric vehicles have an important role to play in helping us reduce it.”

“The auto manufacturers are providing consumers with a cleaner and affordable transportation solution, but electric vehicles are no use without the charging stations to support them,” said Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. “It’s vital that companies, like TXU Energy, step forward to provide the tools necessary to help realize the full potential of zero-emission vehicles. A cleaner environment means a more prosperous future; and the nation that leads on energy will be the nation that leads the world in the 21st Century. I believe America can be that leader, and I believe that can start with us right here in North Texas.”

“We want to play a leading role in jump-starting adoption of electric vehicles,” said Jim Burke, chief executive officer, TXU Energy. “We’re seeing great interest from customers, including several cities throughout North Texas, who want to incorporate electric vehicles and other energy saving solutions into their daily operations. We’re proud to be a part of the electric vehicle community and look forward to seeing it flourish.”


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