U.S. Virgin Islands to build territory’s first alternative energy plant

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, August 11, 2009 – The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) signed two 20-year power purchase agreements with affiliates of Alpine Energy Group to build, own and operate two alternative energy facilities.

The alternative energy facilities, with a projected cost of $440 million, will convert an estimated 146,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste into refuse-derived fuel using WastAway Services technology, which will combine with petroleum coke as fuel to generate steam and electric power.

WAPA Executive Director Hugo Hodge, Jr. said that in 2007, the utility issued a RFP to renewable energy providers in 2007 to develop a practical and environmentally friendly solution to rising fuel prices in the Virgin Islands.

Similarly in 2007, the WMA solicited solid waste management proposals that would maximize resource recovery and minimize landfill requirements. In August of 2008, the WAPA invited WMA to the presentation of the two short-listed waste-to-energy proposals.

Each facility will divert essentially all of the municipal solid waste from landfills and provide 33 MW of electric power to St. Thomas/St. John and 16 MW of electric power to St. Croix.

Construction will begin in May 2010 with an anticipated completion date during the fourth quarter of 2012. The facility in St. Thomas will be located at Long Point, on the southeastern shoreline known as Estate Bovoni. In St. Croix, the Alpine facility will be built in the Anguilla area near the Krause Lagoon, southwest of the Hovensa refinery.

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