Vanguard Energy Partners helps N.J. company harness solar power

North Branch, N.J., April 6, 2010 — Vanguard Energy Partners constructed a the rooftop solar system for N.J.-based Pegasus Products that turned the company’s manufacturing facility into a net generator of electricity.

Pegasus is now producing more electricity than it is consuming and helping power its neighbors by pumping surplus energy back into the grid.

Vanguard installed the grid-tied 101-KW solar photovoltaic (PV) system atop Pegasus’ 80,000-square-foot factory that will generate about 111,100 kWh per year for the pool liner manufacturing company.

The solar electric system is comprised of 442 panels and will produce 100 percentof the energy needed to operate the building from the renewable power of sunlight.

Additionally, Vanguard helped Pegasus secure a federal grant of nearly $150,000 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that covered 30 percent of the project’s cost.

With energy savings and revenue generated through solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), Pegasus expects to recoup its investment within five years, according to Frank Patel, president of Pegasus Products and The Cover Company.

Pegasus’ solar system will also dramatically lessen the company’s environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions by 175,902 pounds per year. That is equivalent to conserving 8,975 gallons of gasoline annually or 173 barrels of oil.

Pegasus is utilizing Noveda Technologies’ SunFlow Monitor, a real-time, online energy monitoring system that will track the facilities’ power consumption, solar production and system efficiency.

Vanguard is a full-service solar integrator that regularly assists customers with monetizing solar projects. Generous federal, state and local incentives are being offered to fund clean energy projects and Vanguard has the knowledge and expertise to help its clients secure funding. 

Vanguard Energy Partners designs and integrates large-scale solar electric systems for businesses, municipalities and utilities. Vanguard has completed over 120 solar installations with 10 MW of DC rated capacity.


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