Viridian Energy demonstrates solar power electrification in Nicaragua

A team of 36 independent associates and Viridian Energy employees brought solar power and light to 40 families in a remote, hilltop community in Nicaragua where 100 percent of the population previously lived without electric power.

Viridian Energy partnered with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that provides off-grid solar power to rural communities in Nicaragua. The volunteers went through special training to prepare for the installation of custom off-grid photovoltaic solar power systems designed to meet the average family’s electricity needs for years to come.

The systems were assembled by the volunteers at the local school, which received solar through GRID Alternatives in 2013, and then carried by hand or on horseback to homes scattered throughout the hilly landscape.

The systems provide the families with AC power outlets so home appliances such as lamps, cell phones and TVs can be used.

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