Voith, Siemens to collaborate on hybrid plants that include hydropower

Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG and the Siemens Energy Management Division have signed a letter of intent for collaborating on appropriate hybrid power projects containing hydropower.

Hydropower plays a key role in sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation and is the leading renewable source of electricity generation globally. As energy consumption is rapidly increasing, it is becoming harder to keep energy production and consumption in balance at all times.

Pumped storage facilities have a high potential to meet this challenge. Combining windmills and/or solar farms with a pumped storage plant ensures that the energy generated is immediately and reliably stored when it cannot be directly fed into the power grid, Voith says.

The starting point of the collaboration will be the integration of hydropower in one of Siemens’ power system simulation software tools. The Siemens software tool landscape provides power system planners and operators with solutions for simulating, analyzing, modeling and creating digital twins of transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.

In a first step, both companies will focus on an integrated approach to evaluate the technical feasibility of hybrid concepts containing hydropower, taking into account economic expectations. According to a press release, they will support decision makers and ensure profitable business development based on technical as well as economical simulations and iterative optimizations using various power generation sources and energy storage options (such as hydropower, wind, solar and battery storage).

“Adding specific forms of hydropower as a renewable source of energy and storage option to our simulation ecosystem will be very beneficial for our customers because we thereby reflect an even larger portfolio,” said Dr. Gerrit Lange, sales director for power OEMs and renewables at the Siemens Energy Management Division. “This will be another step on our way to provide comprehensive solutions for the growing needs of hybrid power applications for distributed energy systems.”


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