Wind farm on Vietnam’s Mekong Delta to use GE turbines

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 14, 2011—GE has signed a contract with local developer Cong Ly Co. to provide 10 of its 1.6-82.5 wind turbines and operations and maintenance services for phase one of the Bac Lieu Wind Farm, totaling 16 MW of power generation capacity.

Cong Ly Co. also has plans for a second phase of the project, which would add up to 120 MW of power to help resolve the country’s chronic power shortages. The project will bring clean power generation to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and also is expected to create a number of local jobs during the construction phase.

Located southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the Bac Lieu project will be the first wind farm in the Mekong Delta. It will be designed to protect the environment of the region, which is known as the “rice basket” of the country and accounts for the largest amount of Vietnam’s seafood exports.

The GE wind turbines chosen for this project feature an 82.5 meter rotor for class III wind conditions, making it a good match for the Bac Lieu site.

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