ZBB Energy storage system delivered to South Korean smart grid test bed

Milwaukee, Wisc., October 31, 2011 — ZBB Energy and partner Honam Petrochemical, announced the shipment of a ZBB EnerSystem to Jeju Island, in the Republic of Korea, as part of the island’s micro-grid test system.

The ZBB EnerSystem is comprised of a ZBB EnerSection power and energy control center and two ZBB EnerStore 50 zinc-bromide flow battery modules providing a storage capacity of 100 kWh.

Jeju Island has been designated as a small-scale test area for a national 2.75 trillion won smart grid project. In Korea’s smart grid model, the distribution of electricity from the main power grid would give way to the more efficient management of a micro-grid system where each home would have either a wind turbine or photovoltaic panels installed while being connected to the grid.

As part of the system, the ZBB EnerSection will be used to interconnect the flow battery modules and ‘smart renewable’ inputs as part of the beta testing in the feasibility of a variety of green energy alternatives and technologies.

The ZBB EnerStore flow battery will serve as an advanced electrical energy storage device, constructed from environmentally-friendly materials that provide a long service life and advanced performance particularly in applications like micro-grids.

The ZBB EnerSystem provides a fully integrated energy storage solution for direct grid connect and the integration of multiple ZBB EnerStore units and/or multiple types and quantities of energy generating sources, including all smart renewable sources.

With the ZBB EnerSystem, renewable energy sources can be discretely optimized to offer firm supply to loads or the grid. The ZBB EnerSystem provides a single point of connection to the grid, and because it is comprised of common components, the complexities and risks of integrating a system with multiple devices is greatly reduced.


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