Distribution automation is the backbone of the utility industry

Distribution automation is really the heartbeat of DISTRIBUTECH because it is an enabler for the many vast areas that the conference covers.

DISTRIBUTECH International, the annual event for distribution utilities and their partners, focuses on all of the latest trends and innovations in the electricity delivery space. The conference covers 12 different areas of the utility industry, which we call educational tracks — each offering 4 educational sessions. We asked each of our track chairs to tell us about the hot topics in their track right now.

Play the video below to hear what Distribution Automation Track Chair Joe Zerdin believes will be important for discussion at next year’s event.

Our call for abstracts is open! See our list of tracks and learn how to submit your speaking idea here. Submit your speaking idea today.

About Joe Zerdin

Joe is Professional Engineer with over 31 years of experience in the electrical utility industry. He has managed multidisciplinary design, planning and construction teams for various Canadian utilities. Since 2005, Joe has been working at Hydro One and presently is in the role of Manager of Large Customer Accounts Distribution but previously has been responsible for various distribution modernization initiatives along with distribution planning.

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