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Content Manager

Jennifer Runyon

Content Director, DISTRIBUTECH International, POWERGRID International and Renewable Energy World
Subject Matter Expert in Solar, Storage, DER, Microgrids, Utility Integration, Smart Grids)
O: 603-206-1311

Rod Walton

Rod Walton

Content Director, Power Engineering and Electric Light & Power
Subject Matter Expert in Conventional Generation, Biomass, Geothermal
O: 918-831-9177

Elizabeth Ingram

Elizabeth Ingram

Content Director, Hydro Review
Subject Matter Expert in Conventional Hydropower, Hydro Kinetic Energy, Wind Power
O: 918-831-9175

Kelvin Ross

Kelvin Ross

Content Director, Power Engineering International
Subject Matter Expert Digital Solutions, AI, Blockchain, Cogen, EV)
O: +44-199-265-6605


Jenna Hall

Media Sales Manager
Phone: +1 918-831-9121
LinkedIn: Connect with Jenna


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