Alstom buys UISOL

Paris, March 21, 2011 —Alstom has acquired Utility Integration Solutions, Inc. of Santa Clara, California. UISOL develops and commercializes DRBizNet, a software platform for demand response management, and is among the leading utility systems integration specialists.

The company, which employs 44 employees, generated in 2010 total sales of over $11 million. With this acquisition, Alstom Grid strengthens its capabilities for network management and smart grid solutions.

UISOL has two main activities. The first one is to intervene as a technology consultant for utilities and public authorities, in particular for the integration of distributed energy resources. The second one is to develop and commercialize software platforms — and supporting services — which mainly cover demand response, integration of renewable energies, energy storage — such as electrical batteries — and charging points for electric vehicles.

The DRBizNet platform is currently used by U.S. utilities and allows them to reduce electricity demand at end-user level, in particular during consumption peak times. The U.S. demand response market is expected to grow very fast in the next coming years.

UISOL will be a wholly-owned Alstom Grid unit, maintaining its consulting and systems integration business lines, and will leverage Alstom’s worldwide presence to grow on international markets. Alstom Grid plans to invest in UISOL’s software division to expand its DRBizNet solution and meet growing customer requirements.

UISOL founder and CEO Ali Vojdani said “We are delighted to continue our work on behalf of current customers and we look forward to expanding our efforts globally as an Alstom company. We will continue our work together on standards-based software and smart integration services to enhance the high value of distributed energy resources for utility industry stakeholders.”

Alstom Grid President Henri Poupart-Lafarge said, “UISOL is an excellent strategic fit for Alstom Grid, strengthening our expertise in the integration and management of distributed energy resources and complementing our integrated distribution management solution for utility customers worldwide. We look forward to leveraging UISOL’s solutions and expertise to help utilities face the rising challenges of integrating a wider dispersion of distributed energy resources in the electrical grid, and rolling out a cost-effective, standard-based smart grid.”


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