BuildingIQ deploys energy management system in Las Vegas

BuildingIQ, an energy management software company, is deploying its cloud-based energy management system in the city of Las Vegas. The deployment is part of utility NV Energy‘s mPowered program.

By using BuildingIQ‘s optimization software, Las Vegas has become the first major city in the country to leverage this type of energy management solution to achieve energy efficiency, while reducing strain on the power grid. It also enables Las Vegas to lay the foundation for creating a fully integrated smart city.

BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization software learns a building’s HVAC energy patterns to predict consumption. Based on these predictions and electronic signals sent directly from NV Energy, the cloud-based system automatically optimizes energy usage and manages demand response events, all while maintaining occupant comfort.

By enrolling in the mPowered program and participating in demand response events, Las Vegas will be able to benefit from access to the software and the resulting energy reductions. BuildingIQ’s software not only delivers measurable energy and peak load savings, but provides the city of Las Vegas with insights and detailed tracking of the performance of its buildings.

In addition, the software can be deployed and deliver results in a wide variety of building types and sizes. This makes it a solution for the city of Las Vegas’ diverse portfolio, which includes its LEED-certified city hall.

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