California State chooses EnergyConnect as demand response provider

San Jose, Calif., January 4, 2011 — EnergyConnect won a multi-year contract to provide integrated demand response services to the California State University system (CSU).

Spread over 23 campuses, the CSU is the largest public university system in the country. The agreement provides all campuses with the opportunity to engage in a pre-negotiated demand response contract with EnergyConnect.

“Partnering with companies like EnergyConnect allows California State University to realize increased earnings and savings by proactively and sensibly managing our electricity consumption,” said Len Pettis, Chief of Plant, Energy and Utilities at the CSU Chancellor’s Office. “The CSU’s commitment to our students and to the cause of higher education extends to responsible environmental stewardship, and EnergyConnect’s innovative approach to demand response will support our efforts moving forward.”

The CSU system has made a strong public commitment to sustainable energy consumption. Participation in EnergyConnect’s demand response programs will enable the CSU campuses to reduce energy use during times of peak demand or high energy prices.

The university benefits by generating substantial revenue that can be applied towards other sustainability measures. It also serves the greater good by helping to make the electricity grid more reliable and minimizing the need to build new power plants.

EnergyConnect has enabled numerous academic institutions on the east coast to participate in emergency curtailment programs and earn consistent revenues by decreasing energy usage on a regular basis. The CSU agreement is the company’s first university system on the west coast, and is representative of the recent unprecedented growth EnergyConnect has experienced in the past year.

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