Calmac installs energy storage capacity at library

(Photo courtesty Calmac)

Energy storage firm Calmac installed its IceBank energy storage tanks at the Alachua County Library Headquarters in Gainesville, Florida to reduce operating costs and save taxpayer money.

Calmac‘s technology enables the 80,000 square foot library, which was built in 1992, to shift cooling load so that it uses nighttime energy that is 68 percent cheaper than the energy that would be used for creating instantaneous cooling during daytime hours. Additionally, thermal storage allows monthly demand, and the resulting demand charges, to be cut in half.

About 40 percent of the headquarters’ total electric costs for the year can be directly attributed to cooling the structure and the facility’s power provider implements a demand charge that equates to roughly $9.25 in extra fees per kW during peak demand hours.

The decision to install Calmac’s IceBank technology occurred in conjunction with the decision to replace the library’s antiquated chiller. By using 125 kW of Calmac’s energy storage solution, and retrofitting the building with less heat intensive lighting, the facility was able to downsize its new chiller from the previous 195-ton unit to a 150-ton unit. The combined upgrades are on track to save the library district $40,000 annually in energy costs.

Calmac’s tanks allow a building to decouple when cooling is made from when it is needed. Ice is created overnight during off-peak hours and stored in the thermal energy storage tanks. The next day, the ice is used to cool occupants when energy costs are at their highest.

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